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Meet the Team

Tom Gardiner

Tom is an accomplished engineer and master of Solid works, a master at consultative problem solving and light manufacturing. As a compulsive problem solver, he thrives on creating novel pragmatic solutions to solve simple and complex problems in elegant ways. Everything from basic mechanical products and one offs through to complex mechatronic and engineering solutions.
Known for his infectious smile and ability to work along side both tradesmen, bankers and professional services alike; Tom is always on the hunt to make peoples life easier.
With experience working in Europe, USA, Australia and Middle East Tom founded Fulcrum Solutions Ltd some 20+ years ago. There are not many trades Tom hasn’t mastered over the years, including: plastics and metal fabrication, heavy machinery, carpentry, construction, butchery as well as his youth and early career years in farm management and advisory.
His project/product portfolio covers every thing from houses & landscapes, boats, signage, kiosks, Point of sale displays, electronic locks, to electronic cash draw systems and ATM bases and surrounds.
Today he focuses on mechanical and mechatronic solutions for Banks and other secure environments where looks and design are equally as important as cost effectiveness and surety of security.

Hadrian Roberts

Hadrian is one of those few people who can make anything to a high quality given an impossible deadline. With skills such as plastic fabrication, mechanical, fitting & turning, welding, light manufacture, lighting & signage combined with his hobby as a creative artist he is at home in the Fulcrum workshop creating and manufacturing “stuff”. After 15 years at Fulcrum there are not many materials he has not worked with.
Willing to give anyone the time of day, he fits the Fulcrum mould of pursuing excellence within time and cost boundaries, all with a smile.